My Floral Arrangements

This was the arrangement that I did with my friend for Art In Bloom '10 at the MFA Boston. We had to create an arrangement using the statues behind as our inspiration.
This arrangment was for Art in Bloom '11. Our inspiration was the painting on the wall which just happened to be the cover art for the show.
I received a blue ribbon for this arrangement in 2010.
These were the table arrangements I did for my son's rehearsal dinner.
This was an arrangement out in the hall. You can see me taking this picture... heehee
This is arrangement inspired by the song "Some where over the rainbow". I didn't win anything for it but the judges loved my container.
This was the container I did for the Newport Flower Show. It was inspired by Gaudi buildings in Spain, more specifically the entrance to the botanical garden.
These were the flowers in the container. I did not do them but they do look great.